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Water Resources Workgroup ~Dominic Weatherill, WRW Chair ~

Formed in 1998 to research and analyze key water-related issues affecting Georgia industry

GIEC intervened on EPD's behalf on the Riverkeepers' appeal of EPD's permit for General Storm Water for Discharges Associated with Industrial Activity. Another party intervened (Georgia Poultry Federation) focusing their efforts almost entirely on the Riverkeepers' interest related to fecal coliform sampling and compliance criteria. There were a total of twelve issues for which the Riverkeeper groups were appealing the permit. GIEC successfully negotiated with the Riverkeepers (and EPD) so that none of the issues most significant to GIEC, and Georgia industry, were adopted into the permit. One GIEC member company estimates that the result of GIEC's intervention saved their company over $3 million that they would have had to spend in capital costs alone to comply with the original proposed permit.

GIEC representatives were appointed by EPD to serve on all advisory committees related to the legislative-mandated Statewide Water Plan, including the Basin Advisory Committees, the State Advisory Committee and the Technical Advisory Committee. In fact, GIEC was the only member who represented water user/business interests on the Technical Advisory Committee for Target Flow Regimes where interbasin transfers and reservoirs were the focus. The WRW will monitor the Plan's develoopment and provide input on those issues most pertinent to Georgia industry.



Administrative Appeal of Rayonier PF's Renewed NPDES Permit

Rayonier OSAH ALJ Decision

Petition for Judicial Review Filed Copy

Rayonier - filed stamped Petition for Judicial Review 102816



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