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The Georgia Industry Environmental Coalition, formed in 1992, is a non-profit membership organization of environmentally-regulated businesses in Georgia. Its members form a diverse group of industries, representing an employee base well exceeding 55,000, with the shared belief that environmental regulations should, and can, be both protective and cost efficient.

GIEC provides Georgia industry a strong, unified voice on environmental regulatory issues. It provides members the opportunity to:
deal collectively with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division,
interact and network with professional colleagues, and
take advantage of technical and educational expertise.

The mission of GIEC is to serve as a technically-based advocate for Georgia industry by promoting environmental regulations and policies founded on:
protection of human health and the environment,
sound science, and
cost/benefit principles.

The basic purpose of GIEC is to identify and collectively address specific Georgia environmental issues of mutual interest to the membership. It is not GIEC’s purpose to engage in political advocacy at either the state or national level.

Membership and Structure
GIEC membership is open to business corporations with environmental compliance and/or remediation responsibility for a site or facility located within the State of Georgia. GIEC is led and directed by a Board of Directors elected annually by the general membership.

Through its member companies, GIEC works closely with other business and industry groups such as the Georgia Chemistry Council; Georgia Association of Manufacturers; Georgia Mining Association; Georgia Paper and Forest Products Association; Georgia Association of Water Professionals and Georgia Water Association.

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